*FIRST TIME?  Come for a free trial at the Beginners Muay Thai Class on Tuesday and Thursday at 5:45pm-6:30pm.  Beginners Jiu-Jitsu classes on Wednesdays at 7:30pm-9:00pm. 

MUAY THAI Beginners/Fundamentals Monthly Curriculum

Tuesday & Thursday 5:30pm-6:30pm, 2nd floor


***Suggested 2 months while still attending other classes

***Each month the curriculum will start over with variations on drills and exercises. 


Class # 1 / Fight Stance, Movement, Jab, Cross

(First Tuesday or Thursday of the Month)


Class # 2 / Elbows, Left Hook, Review of Jab, Cross


Class # 3 / Left Push Kick, Right Low-Kick, Left inside Low-Kick


Class # 4 / Right and Left Swing Kick


Class # 5 / Right and Left Knee


Class # 6 / Basic Combos incorporating classes #1 to #5


Class # 7 / Basic Combos incorporating classes #1 to #5


Class #8 / Basic Combos incorporating classes #1 to #5


EXTRA DAY OF THE MONTH - Repeat one of Class #6 - #9

Class #9 /  Basic Combos incorporating classes #1 to #5

BJJ Beginners/Fundamentals Program

Wednesday 7:30pm-8:30pm

***Suggested 4-6 months while still attending other classes




Position Basics

  • Posture control

  • Grip stripping



  • Back sweep when opponent stands up (lumberjack)

  • Kimura & bridge to mount variation



  • Collar choke, one palm up and one palm down

  • Collar choke, palms up

  • Wrap choke (loop)

  • Kimura

  • Arm bar

  • Triangle




Position Basics and breaking closed guard

  • Posture control (arm placement and lapel protection)

  • Grip stripping

  • One knee in the middle

  • Standing with one sleeve, stutter step


OPEN GUARD (bottom)



  • Scissor sweep

  • Scissor sweep variation 2

  • Tripod sweep,

  • Tripod sweep variation 2

  • Windshield-wiper sweep (spider guard sweep)





  • Open guard top theory (knee up, avoid being on both knees)

  • Toreando pass, (legs on mat)

  • Toreando pass, (legs on opponent’s chest)

  • X pass


MOUNT (bottom)



  • Mount bottom theory

  • Trap Arm and Bridge

  • Trap both arms and bridge

  • Hip Escape

  • Capture ankle to quarter guard


MOUNT (top)



  • Mount top positions (high, low, grape vine, head control)

  • Cross Collar Choke, Palm up Palm down

  • Ezekiel Choke

  • Arm bar


HALF GUARD (bottom)


Positioning and Defence

  • Position theory (under hook, being on side, framing)

  • Put opponent back in guard by shrimping

  • Getting to dog fight

  • Fore arm in front of neck and butterfly hook escape


BACK (your back taken)


Positioning and Defence

  • Shrimp out escape

  • Two on one and turn into opponent

  • Foot lock when feet are crossed


BACK (opponent back taken)


Positioning and Defence

  • Position theory (hooks, foot position, head position, seat belt high and low)

  • Mata-Leao (rear naked choke)

  • Hand to hand choke

  • Armbar

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